Thinking in Space


There’s very little ‘passing through’ in online spaces: if you’re trying to get somewhere in physical space you have to travel through other places to reach it, whereas online, you expect to be able to reach it in a few clicks and a quick search. Because of this, the spaces we see online are either those we’ve sought out specifically, or those that have been shown to us by an algorytm– loose, meandering exploration is rare online. 


However, having a sense of what we have passed through is important context for understanding where we are and who we share our spaces with. What is lost when all of our time online is spent teleporting past the superfluous, directly to the things we need? 


This video is an exploration of the corners of the internet we may overlook because we are not directed to them. These places off the beaten path remind us of the people we share the internet with. Their eccentric online traces reveal to us their lives, their desires, their interests. Traipsing around the virtual space of GoogleMaps looking for misplaced panoramas, this piece is an argument for the importance of travel through the unnecessary as a way to remind ourselves of what is outside of ourselves.